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Búsquedas LATAM is your Digital Platform based on the Agile Recruiting methodology, focused on generating efficient and satisfactory experiences in the selection processes of Analyst, Middle Management and Managerial profiles in those fiels: Administration & Finance, Marketing & Commercial, as well as Foreign Trade, Operations & Logistics.

We are

A digital platform based on Agile Recruiting methodology focused on generating satisfactory experiences not only for the people who participate in our IT selection processes but also for the client companies.

Our team of professionals specialized in Recruitment Processes and Talent Management Consulting, aims to identify and attract suitable profiles for our Open Roles, providing clear and accurate information about the company, the role and the opportunity. Operational efficiency, focus on success and conceptual relevance make us stand out in the market.

We have a database throughout Latin America and our clients are established companies especially in Latin America, USA, Canada and Europe.

CEO - Founder Lic. Sofía Maradei
Executive VP Lic. Ana Miguel
IT Recruiter Romina Guerrero

We are motivated by

Collaborate with companies

From a 100% digital, innovative and agile approach, adding value to the clients business as well as to the professional development of the profiles of the people who rely on our opportunities.

Always being close

Our Digital platform and our approach allow us to strengthen and maintain fluid communication with key stakeholders in the selection process. Our warranty: time optimization, expectation management and feedback.

Adapt and be flexible

We measure the candidates experience in our Recruitment Processes, as well as our clients satisfaction, through sincere conversations that allow us to improve day by day and adapt to the context.

We offer

A Digital Platform for your strategic recruitment processes.

Expertise in identifying and attracting profiles adjusted to the requirements of our clients hiring needs.

Our database and strategic search engines, which ensure suitable profiles, adjusted to the formal and cultural requirements of the company.

We work with seriousness, professionalism and ethics in the handling of information and protection of personal data.

Talent Assessment

We analyze the potential of people through a serious and agile psychological approach based on the Employee Experience methodology promoting the development of the future collaborator in the medium and long term within the organization.

Our approach is professional and realistic. The Digital Platform allows our clients to visualize profile analysis reports in real-time.

Our clients receive objective and accurate information about the psychological profile of candidates to make decisions regarding talent attraction and retention.

Labor Transition:

We offer a complete process of accompaniment to the collaborator who receives the news of disengagement in his company, based on the proximity and relevance to their needs.

Our Labor Transition Program is established from individual and group sessions in charge of professional experts in the labor market, where different elements of review, analysis, and preparation for the job search are worked on, as well as psychological consideration and emotional containment in this sensitive moment of the persons work history.

Talent Development

We insure best practices in Talent Management, based on the Employee Experience Approach.

We apply our experience and openness to continuous learning in every consulting service.

We are specialists in:

  • Organizational Environment and Culture Analysis
  • Talent Management, Career Plan, and Performance Review
  • Compensation Structure (Salaries and Benefits)

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In accordance with Law No. 18,331, Decree 414/09, art. 37 to 40 of Law 19,670 and Decree 64/20, on the Protection of Personal Data and Action of Habeas Data, declares that I voluntarily provide my personal data, and that they it can be used by BÚSQUEDAS LATAM in selection processes and administration of current and future personnel and/or transferring to clients, key partners or other local and international companies; and that BUSQUEDAS LATAM will be able to store them it on its servers located in the United States, Texas, and process them it with broad commercial fines for the best fulfillment of its services. If you no longer want to be part of the database, send an email requesting unsubscription to info@busquedaslatam.com.